ProScheduler WFM

Автор: Loxysoft

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Highly intuitive Workforce Management system with cutting edge optimization and real-time features

WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT. SIMPLIFIED. Loxysoft offers the truly intuitive WFM tool ProScheduler. ProScheduler is an enterprise class Workforce Management system, offering cutting edge optimization and realtime features. ProScheduler is quick to implement and easy to learn, which is key in truly saving time and resources in scheduling processes. It typically offers a return on investment within 6 months. ProScheduler also increases employee engagement and productivity, by building schedules optimized to the workload, and offering options such as preferred working hours. The user-friendly forecasting module imports data from nearly a hundred external platforms and allows users to easily run different forecasting scenarios, while also predicting shrinkage based on historic absences. ProScheduler’s Time & Attendance automatically tracks actual worked hours, and the result can be exported to various payroll systems. Playbook, ProScheduler’s new customizable realtime dashboard, conveniently helps team management monitor intraday activities, making sure agents follow their schedule and channels are covered as planned. In essence, ProScheduler will allow you to save time and resources on scheduling and reporting, while improving customer experience and agent satisfaction, taking your operations to the next level!

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