SCM Pulse


Supply Chain Management, Invoicing, Inventory Management, Masterprice list Mgmt., Tracking

DLT based SCM solution, records all supply chain related transactions providing end-to-end visibility, transparency and traceability for all relevant parties involved. Aimed at mitigating disputes between participants and eliminating invoice mismatches


Key Features

•  End-to-end purchase order and asset tracking with built in Invoicing and Masterprice list negotiation modules
•  Configurable Supplier Scorecard capability based on industry metrics and benchmarks
•  Integrated weather forecast data to detect any potential disruptions in supply chain
•  Secure and private data exchange between network participants
•  User friendly dashboards giving a detailed view into warehouse inventory levels
•  Issuance of digital documents like GRN(Goods Receipt Note) and Invoice
•  Pluggable IoT enabled real-time asset condition monitoring module

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