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Mixed Reality platform for real time live-video und remote-support

REWEIV is the intelligent service platform for companies and supports their customers and employees with the help of mixed reality and live video (remote support).

Start a live video via Microsoft HoloLens and share your view with remote experts worldwide. These experts can optimally support you through real-time instructions and annotations.


  • Live video: Start a live video stream and share your view with a remote expert. These expert can connect to your HoloLens via web browser and support you optimally with the live video function. Virtual markers and symbols simplify communication and help overcome language barriers
  • Documents and machine data: Visualize documents (e.g. operating instructions, data sheets, technical drawings) or machine data as virtual AR objects directly into the service technician's field of view with the help of Microsoft HoloLens. A QR code ensures access to the correct data linked with the machine.


  • Optimized video performance: Reduction of frame rate instead of resolution. High-resolution video stream. High video performance even at low bandwidths.
  • Object reference: For each object managed in REWEIV (machine, machine parts, etc.), a unique standard QR code is available. So, the object can be identified easily by the REWEIV app (HoloLens).
  • User rolls and rightsmanagement: REWEIV has an integrated user role and authorization concept. This means that AR content is only available for the right specific target groups. If desired, details or company internals remain hidden for some users.
  • Browser based: No plugins or installation of client software required.
  • Optimized for Microsoft HoloLens: Intuitive 3D UI and optimized gesture control.
  • Interfaces: REWEIV is modularly developed and can easily be connected to third-party systems via interfaces and APIs (e.g. SAP).

Added value

  • Reduce unnecessary business trips and travelling costs
  • Reduce machine downtimes
  • Share expert knowledge, worldwide at any time
  • Increase your SLA


  • Service and support
  • Training
  • Marketing
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