Teams Legacy Integration for Modern Workplace

Автор: Mercato Solutions Limited

Integrate legacy systems with Teams. Modernise legacy systems into Azure without 'rip and replace'


KnowledgeKube and Microsoft Teams allow organisations to run systems directly within Teams, trigger workflows in connected systems, ensuring companies get to their desired outcome quicker while facing fewer bottlenecks around legacy systems. Go further than simple automation publishing and easily allow for all the Governance & Compliance that Teams can offer for your modern and legacy systems. We allow for organisations to be more productive by allowing access to any system through Teams, legacy or modern, all easily managed by your office 365 admin.

Key Features & Benefits

    • Modernise your legacy systems and have them working directly from Teams in a super-scalable Azure environment
    • Use discreet transformation for zero business interruption and a fraction of the cost 
    • Easily move your legacy system to the secure Azure cloud with zero business interruption
    • Build large connected enterprise systems in a fraction of the time and cost and run them from Teams
    • Use Teams chat to talk back to your legacy systems
    • Give your legacy system a new UI and UX
    • Clients and users will be using a brand new scalable and secure system without the need to 'rip out and replace'
    • Immediately run 3rd party actions and workflows from within a Teams
    • We bridge the gap between 3rd party systems and Teams, making sure your legacy systems are no longer a costly problem
    • Access your on-premise legacy system from the web
    • No lengthy development projects, no failures, no business disruption
    • Automate simple and sophisticated business processes to help line of business get more value
    • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership for legacy and streamline processes

Professional Services

    • Let us take care of everything, we will organise what needs to be done, specifications, project management, delivery


    • If you would like to license our platform to manage the professional services internally, we have a SaaS offering to cater for this

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