IMPACT - Planning & Reporting

Автор: MESA

Simplify and optimize the Sustainability Plan and the Non Financial Disclosure

Preparing the Sustainability Plan and the Sustainability Reporting is a complex and burdensome process with multiple processes, data and stakeholders at stake.

IMPACT is our intelligent reporting technology that enables the collection and understanding of data on all indicators, whether GRI, CDP, SASB, TCFD, DNK or customized by company or advanced reporting such as Conflict Minerals (RMI). IMPACT guarantees full adherence to the principles of the EU taxonomy.

Thanks to IMPACT's collaborative workflows, Smart Disclosure and Web App:

the process is centrally managed: you can assign responsibilities and deadlines for each piece of information, and check on their progress;

audit activity is made simple and transparent;

collecting information pursuant to from the different organizational units becomes simple and needs no rework.

Microsoft Integration

Our platform is natively integrated with Microsoft technologies on different levels: Microsoft Teams becomes this way HUB to access to our applications that, thanks to Office and Power Platform technologies, can be easily extended and integrated in businesses’ environments.

IMPACT is also natively integrated with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, the Microsoft's service that helps any organization to calculate, understand and monitor its carbon emissions, set sustainability goals and take measurable actions.


Our clients are all large and medium sized companies that need to face sustainability issues.

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