Автор: LTIMindtree Limited

ShotClasses helps your teams get the right content where it’s needed – on time, anytime, everywhere!

ShotClasses is a mobile platform that helps your users get all the knowledge or communication right at their fingertips – be it training, business decisions or standard operating procedures. It also helps your business users rapidly get the right content out to your employees, partners or even customers!

Designed for the attention spans of a millennial audience, ShotClasses is powered by bite-sized content, which is ideal for learning and communication and easily fits into just a few minutes of the day. From the sales manager scanning through product differentiators and incentive updates mid-flight on his phone, to the field engineer using a Virtual Reality headset to understand a procedure on unfamiliar equipment – ShotClasses makes the right knowledge accessible, right where it’s needed.

With a range of content support, a ShotClass can be easily created and published. So, be it your product owner sharing training about product features, or the sales head sharing latest incentive plans, the right message can go out quickly. With integrated social forums, peer learning capabilities and gamification, your users find ShotClasses easy to adopt and love.

ShotClasses is built on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and comes with enterprise grade security, out of the box integrations, no-hassle deployment and unlimited scalability!

Key Capabilities:

  • Customized enterprise experience with complete branding capability over an intuitive interface
  • Personalized & recommended content on a range of personal and corporate shared devices
  • Brings learning to life with 360° and Virtual Reality videos for an immersive experience
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming and offline courses for uninterrupted learning in patchy networks
  • Quick and easy content package creation, distribution and management
  • Leverages gamification and social learning to increase adoption
  • Polls and surveys to elicit quick feedback from across your users
  • Peer to peer learning and engagement with content sourced from across your teams
  • Comprehensive analytical reports for deeper learning insights
  • Multi-lingual out of the box – deliver the right language version based on the user’s language
  • Out of the box integrations like YouTube, Yammer, Azure Active Directory & O365 to source data easily, provide social engagement and provide secured access to the right audience

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