Mediakind Cygnus 360° Events

MK Systems USA Inc

Cygnus 360° provides on-site capture and public cloud hosted multi-format 360° to consumer devices.

Cygnus 360° Events provides a simple workflow with single format capture on-site at the event and public cloud hosted multi-format 360° video processing and publishing for delivery to consumer devices.

The solution from MediaKind enables the following

On-site at the event location your production team will capture the event in high resolution 360° video. The compressed Equirectangular Presentation (ERP) output of the 360° camera image stitching and production tool used by the production team is backhauled from the venue into the public cloud over your, or your selected networking providers, IP link

Cygnus 360° Events uses the elasticity of public cloud to provide event-by-event based multi-channel multi-format video processing and publishing for 360° video which can be turned off as soon as the event is completed. In the cloud each compressed ERP live video received from the event is decoded and then for each output format goes through a conversion, video processing, packaging and publication flow. Cygnus 360° Events supports 360° video processing in ClearVR format with publishing and delivery over public CDN; and processing & publication into the ingest for YouTube 360. ClearVR technology developed and licensed by Tiledmedia.

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