Morphisec Keep For Azure


Proactively prevents the most damaging attacks on your physical & virtual servers

Servers are a prime target for hackers. For good reason, your organization's servers contain the highest value information assets in the entire enterprise.
The Morphisec Keep - Server Threat Prevention platform, built on moving target defense, proactively prevents the most damaging cyberattacks on your physical and virtual servers without relying on signatures, attack patterns, or machine learning algorithms.

Protect Your Servers No Matter Where They Operate
Attackers can use readily available malware toolkits and other means to gain access to your servers and move undetected through your network. Virtual application servers are especially at risk because they lack the security capabilities of physical servers

Morphisec Keep - Server Threat Prevention employs patented moving target defense technology to deterministically block attacks against both physical and virtual servers, regardless of whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. Antivirus and EDR are too heavyweight and easily bypassed.
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