Dynamics 365 Media & Entertainment Accelerator

Автор: Microsoft

Build apps for fan & guest experiences and content production

Reduce the time it takes to build and deploy new Power Platform apps. This accelerator includes media-centric data entities and attributes that extend the Common Data Model for “Fan and Guest Engagement” and "Content Production" scenarios. Three pre-built sample model-driven apps have been included in the Media Accelerator for event and venue management (physical or virtual), sports management, various fan/guest interactions such as event registrations and the tracking of loyalty programs. Two additional sample apps are included that extend the Dynamics 365 Sales application to add media industry sales workflows including creation and tracking of media products like video/audio/data subscriptions, memberships, ticketing, advertising, sponsorships, gaming, and many more. The Accelerator also includes a sample Power Apps Portal enabling, Self-Registration of Media Events so producers can publish to a public website and potential attendees can browse upcoming events and sign themselves up to attend and participate. A sample Events Dashboard that enables you to understand how effective your events are is also included. Direct integration with Microsoft Teams enables live virtual events. Our new "Content Production" solution adds additional CDM entities and a sample application for tracking shows, episodes, assets and associated metadata used in creative content process to aid in production tracking and content distribution.

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