Nokia AVA Energy Analytics for Operators

Автор: Nokia of America Corporation

Reduce Energy consumption of Communication Service Providers Base station sites hosted on Azure

The telecommunications industry is facing a significant challenge regarding energy consumption, with radio access networks (RAN) consuming 80% of network energy, and 5G projected to increase this by 8%. By 2025, energy consumption may make up 30-60% of network operation OPEX. As example, a 10K base station sites consumers around 300-350GWh/year and Nokia Energy analytics can reduce 15-20% of consumption, which is around 20K M. Tons of CO2 or Green House Gas emissions.

Nokia Energy Efficiency analytics solution, a multi-vendor closed loop energy saving module that utilizes AI to optimize energy consumption. This solution has been deployed in multiple customers globally and has customizable strategy plans for different parts of the network. The system is self-learning and innovatively retrained to avoid service degradation and reduce operating costs and has been proven by live network usage worldwide. With a growing focus on sustainable practices, energy efficiency will become a core focus in the telco industry, and Nokia is positioned to address this challenge with their innovative product.

Nokia Energy Efficiency product offers features for all base station equipment’s and segment two main categories of features:

- RAN Software-based features

- Site facility Software-based features

Currently there are 6 Tier-1 telecom group operators using Nokia Energy product in their live network. 25+ trial/field verification completed and 60+ engagements running worldwide.

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