Nous A2Z™ - AWS to Azure Migration Accelerator

Nous Infosystems Inc.

Nous' A2Z™ is a full stack AWS to Azure migration accelerator and Cloud Economics Assessment Tool

Nous A2Z is an intuitive GUI guided full stack migration accelerator tool to migrate network, storage, database, virtual machines, and workloads from AWS to Azure at reduced risks, costs, and complexities.

The tool first discovers the customer's existing AWS environment then provides the user the option to select the workloads that are to be migrated to Azure. These selected workloads are then migrated to the destination Azure environment with just a few clicks. A2Z can also repeat migrations on multiple Azure subscriptions.

A2Z can also perform cloud economic assessment along with pricing analysis to create a baseline for building a TCO model comparing current AWS spend vs. projected Azure spend for the corresponding workloads.
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