NuaraSAFE - Health & Safety Management Software

Автор: Nuara Group Sdn Bhd

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NuaraSAFE - Health & Safety Management made simple.

NuaraSAFE is an integrated Health and Safety Management system, which ensures oversight and control in all HSE areas. The software is focused on incident and unsafe act reporting and management, creation of findings and actions, audits & monitoring, as well as assessment, learning and analysis.

NuaraSAFE is further fully mobile optimized and functional on all common internet browsers hence can be accessed from all mobile devices. The ability to use the system on any EX proof tablet or phone allows the users to instantly create incident reports, upload supporting images and other documentation thus increasing the speed and accuracy of information shared across the entire organization.

NuaraSAFE ensures continuous improvement of HSE management and can be customized to meet the client’s requirements. NuaraSAFE is an integrated HSE Management system that is suitable for a number of companies and organizations across industries and risk categories and ensures best practice in the areas of compliance, documentation, auditability and reporting & analysis.

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