Presenting Enterprise Business Applications for HR and Finance

saned HR brings control, compliance and cost efficiency into the management of your human resources. Better HR management translates into better employee retention and an overall more capable workforce.
Saned Finance streamlines transaction processing and financial reporting. saned’s built-in analytics and dashboards generate the metrics that inform managerial decision-making that positions your company for future success.

saned mainly targeting Medium and small firms who are interested in a HR and Finance digital solutions
those customers normally have some pains and challenges in both HR and finance as the following:
in saned HR:
1. HRMS & Finance are not integrated
2. Missing end-to-end digital experience
3.Systems are very expensive to maintain & operate
4.Systems are not user-friendly for the beginners
5.Historical employee record and their contracts are not archived
in saned Finance:
1.High implementation and customization cost with longer adapting cycle
2.Non-integrated business analytics & absence of updated information
3.Project management & Manufacturing is not integrated
4.Manual transaction posting for payroll and depreciation in semi-automated systems
5.Budgeting, forecasting and auditing are quite laborious functions
the employee retention and an overall more capable workforce.

saned has been designed and configured to resolve all the above issues and provide a full enterprise solution that help our customers to save time, effort, and cost.

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