Octopus Incident Management and Ticketing System

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Octopus Incident Management and Ticketing System

At the heart of Octopus incident management  ticketing, is a robust IT service management framework .The way it works can be broken down into 3 distinct steps, namely- reporting an issue, managing an issue, and resolving an issue

Our system is a market-leading enterprise solution for organizations to effectively manage all their incidents and business continuity, in the field of physical security, cyber security, operational events, threats, and risks, in order to provide organizations with a complete picture of all the events happening from one platform.

In general, the overall smart ticketing market is projected to reach USD 20.4 billion by 2023 from USD 10.1 billion in 2018, at a CAGR of 14.99%. 

The study involved 4 major steps to estimate the current size of the smart ticketing market. The exhaustive secondary research was conducted to collect information on the focused market, peer market, and parent market.
The next step was to validate these findings, assumptions, and sizing with industry experts across value chain through primary research. Both top-down and bottom-up approaches were employed to estimate the complete market size. Thereafter, market breakdown and data triangulation procedures were used to estimate the market size of segments and subsegments.

Our Management System incorporates a sophisticated work-flow management tool that allows defining templates and procedures, and a mobile application (with an embedded 2-way video solution) for ticketing which allows employees to send requests to the control center for a quick response.

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