D365 SFDC Integrator (SaaS)

Автор: Onactuate Consulting Inc

Integrate Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and SFDC seamlessly with minimum customizations


SFDC is a CRM system used to maintain and process customer centric relational data while Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, an ERP application, used to maintain customer business related transactional data. In businesses, these specific systems need to share their data so that the two-system work in unison. Thus, an interface solution is required, which makes sharing data simple, reliable and extensible. SFDC is used to manage business contacts, track leads, enter sales orders, and perform other sales and marketing activities, where as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is used to perform accounting functions, manage your company’s chart of accounts, and maintain customer, vendor, item, employee and other records.

Product Features

  • Admin user can create functions to perform any calculation/ conversion before the data is pushed to destination system.
  • Admin can define a default value for a field which is mandatory in destination, but no corresponding data is available at source.
  • Admin user can add additional filter logic to ensure that the junk data is not pushes to destination system
  • Admin can specify which users can and cannot initiate sync
  • Allows user to manually resync failed transactions
  • Logs are maintained for all transactions (success & failed)
  • Salesforce extension for Invoice data.

Configurable features

  • Entities to be synced.
  • Direction of Sync for each Entity.
  • Batch Mode of synchronization.
  • For each Entity, actions allowed at the destination system (Insert/ Delete/Update).
  • Field mapping for each Entity.
  • Fields in an Entity that should/shouldn’t be updated at the destination system.
  • Multiple tables of an Entity in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations can be mapped to a single Salesforce Objects.
  • Benefits of Data Integrator

  • Easy
  • Configurable
  • Scalable
  • Standalone Integrated solution
  • Turn Key Solutions

    Entities like Customer, Contact, Products, Opportunity, Quotation, Sales order & Invoice are already available with configuration and field mapping. If required others can be configured with minimal customization.

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