GeneFAX Pro : Your Digital Genetic Health Companion

Автор: OptraHEALTH Inc.

GeneFAX™ Pro: World’s first conversational AI platform with BOT interfaces.

GeneFAX Pro: a conversational AI trained on genetics

Optra Health is pleased to introduce Genetic Chatbot, an AI-powered HIPAA compliant, knowledge platform for genetic health with BOT interfaces. This new-gen AI platform is suitable for educating patients about various genetic tests in a very interactive and engaging manner. It also guides in patient consenting, triaging and pre-test as well as post-test counseling.

GeneFAX Pro on Microsoft Azure

It is an all in one solution for organizations involved in Genetic Testing, Genetic Research, Genetic Counseling, etc.
1. ChatBOT: ChatBOT helps the user to understand whether he/she is eligible for a genetic test.

2. KnowledgeBOT: You can query any genetic term through KnowledgeBOT.

3. QuizBOT: QuizBOT allows users to know about genetics in an interactive and engaging way.

Highlights and Features:
1. NLP framework - Genetic Chatbot has a compilation of more than 450,000 questions and answers. It is developed on AI platform that has NLP framework to interpret and query Genetic Chatbot knowledgebase using 65 million ontological records pertaining to diseases, drugs, biological entities, chemicals, clinical ontologies, etc. Based on user interest, our AI platform navigates flow of questions and gives you reliable and accurate information that you seek.

2. Interactive Platform - Genetic Chatbot QuizBOT is the world’s first AI tool to educate and assess pre-test readiness of any patient in compliance with ACOG, NCCN guidelines in a conversational way using Quiz format. Genetic Chatbot is the only platform that allows free text questions for Genetic Health and offers QuizBOT for ease and simplicity of learning.

3. Accuracy - Genetic Chatbot has knowledge on all the genetic terms such as Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing, Hereditary Cancer, Carrier Screening and many more. Our platform answers 95% of questions accurately, thus helping end-users to get their queries answered in real-time.

4. Analytics Dashboard - Genetic Chatbot allows organizations to analyze data & get better insight about their patient. Genetic Chatbot comes with built-in healthcare AI services, including a patient triaging module and genomics knowledgebase curated from known industry resources, and language understanding models that are tuned to understand genomic and medical terminology.

5. Genetic Counseling – Patients, and Board Certified Genetic Counselors, can receive and give counseling on various genetic terms via Genetic Chatbot. It also allows patients to schedule an appointment as well as chat live with genetic counselors.

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