OptraHEALTH - Mental Health Monitor

Автор: OptraHEALTH Inc

HealthFAX for Mental Health Monitor and Education

HealthFAX™ Mental Health Monitor is an application designed to empower users to proactively monitoring their mental well-being through the renowned PHQ-9 assessment. HealthFAX™ Mental Health Monitor use HealthGPT, and guides user through a series of carefully crafted questions to accurately assess their emotional state. By regularly engaging with the assessment, users gain valuable insights, enabling them to recognize potential issues if any at an early stage. The app does not collect any personalized information and is intended for informative and educational purposes only, not for medical purposes.

Mental Health Monitor goes beyond being a mere questionnaire. We believe in the power of open communication, and that's why we encourage users to ask any questions they may have to HealthFAX™ KnowledgeBOT and HealthGPT. Whether seeking clarification, understanding their assessment results better, or seeking tips on managing emotions, our app fosters an interactive environment for users to engage with their mental health journey actively.

We understand the importance of timely support during challenging times. Mental Health Monitor offers a Live Chat feature through HealthFAX™ ExpertConnect module, connecting users directly with our team of qualified health experts. It helps the user understand the risk at any time and chat live with experts.

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