Low Carbon App V2.0

Автор: OrxaGrid

Plan your optimal solar, battery storage and EV charging set up

Streamline operations, sell more efficiently​ and incentivise customers to join the renewable energy journey

Energy suppliers and low carbon installers want to accelerate the growth of low carbon installations. While residential, commercial and industrial building owners are keen to optimize their energy bills and start their low carbon journey. But creating proposals manually for renewable can involve complex feasibility studies and maybe site survey visits. Creating a tedious task for both sides. The Low Carbon app is a self-service solution for prospective clients to generate an accurate estimate for low carbon technologies such as solar, battery storage and EV charging on building owner properties at any location within minutes.

Some of the inputs to the model are: 

  • Site location details
  • Information for each site building (Building type, orientation, slope and roof size) 
  • Historic energy consumption of each site building for accurate energy demand prediction 
  • Tariff information
  • Number of desired EV charging points 

How it works

Energy suppliers and low carbon installers can either host the app on their website or provide users with link where results can be incorporated in sales pipeline and proposals. Below is the process overview once your business has been integrated in our system

  • User fills form on your website or via 
  • Users receive immediate results
  • Users are connected with you to get solar and/or storage set up


  • The Low Carbon app shortens sales cycles and lowers customer acquisition costs​.
  • Identify ideal power mix to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions 
  • Happier building owners who maximize savings 
  • Faster low carbon installations 

App Link

You can also access the version 2.0 of our app using FREE account for limited number of results. Low Carbon App V2

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