Owkin Studio

Автор: Owkin France

Owkin Studio brings the power of AI to medical researchers

An intuitive and creative space for AI Projects

Owkin Studio is a software platform designed to bring the power of AI to medical researchers. It allows them to run AI experiments on their data. The user structures a research project, trains a machine learning model and interprets the results.  Researchers can take it one step further by collaborating with the Owkin Lab data scientists to design more advanced experiments or train additional algorithms.

Designed for biomedical researchers, not machine learning experts

Owkin Studio’s intuitive user interface is engineered to allow for non machine learning experts to perform AI research projects. Unlike traditional black-box AI, models developed through Owkin Studio are interpretable, allowing the identification of features in the data responsible for the predictions and enabling researchers to investigate their biological meaning. Owkin Studio gives researchers the tools to discover new biomarkers that could revolutionize patient outcomes.

Building an actionable research workflow

Owkin Studio provides an increasing number of modules to perfectly fit medical researchers’ workflows and needs: cohort management, annotation, machine learning project management, and results interpretation.

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