AIS² Demand Forecast Solution

Автор: paiqo GmbH

An easy to use AI Forecasting Tool will get you quick AI Forecasts from of your historical data

Our AI Forecast Solution easily enables you to forecast future outcomes based on your historical data.

Our AI Forecast solution can import historical data and enrich it with external data (for example, weather data or economic data). Then, this augmented data is analyzed by our AI algorithms and forecasts are calculated. Our AI Forecast Solution recommends the best algorithm for the imported data to the user and outputs the result as a time series graph, as well as a table.
The use of the AI Forecast Solution provides an improved forecast of future outcomes in many areas.

Our AI Forecast Solution increases productivity, improves the quality and completeness of forecast predictions, and simplifies tasks that previously always required Data Scientists.

Our AI Forecast Solution requires a Microsoft Azure subscription, which must already be in place. Even though most of our solution can be deployed automatically, there are still some manual steps that need to be taken.
Once the AI Forecast Solution is up and running, it can be accessed by provisioned users.

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