Smart Building IoT data analytics

Автор: Phoenix Energy Technologies

IoT asset management, analytics for energy efficiency, carbon reduction, climate and sustainability

EnterpriseDX® Smart Building SaaS platform monitors, controls, and manages millions of data points from HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, industrial, facilities equipment IoT assets and devices to enable smarter, more efficient buildings.

Leveraging AI-based and machine learning technologies, the platform fully integrates with existing building management equipment and Building Automation Systems (BAS), requiring no new hardware or equipment. This approach lowers implementation costs, increases payback, and speeds deployment.

EnterpriseDX® provides predictive analytics on thousands of buildings across the enterprise. This allows businesses to gain insights and proactively take action on energy efficiency to improve safety and comfort, track carbon emission reduction against established sustainability targets, and meet ESG goals while reducing overall costs.

The platform consists of multiple applications including Carbon Manager™, Demand Manager™, Alarm Manager™, Command Manager™, Schedule Manager™, Asset Manager™, Technician View™, and Building View™.

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