Population Health Management as a Service

Автор: Phulukisa Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Primary Health screening and data capturing through a rapid health-risk assessment solution

Phulukisa Health was started in 2014 with a clear goal of re-engineering primary health access for the entire population in an affordable and scalable fashion.
Phulukisa's award-winning health-risk assessment platform has a front-end which collects data and feeds an Azure AI back-end which gives health insights, generates reports and drives a bespoke incentivized behaviour and preventative health care stack. PHS finds risk and drive it down - period.

The Phulukisa platform allows for the rapid and inexpensive screening of patients at primary health care facilities and even in peoples homes.

It allows improved information flow and is the highway for managing patient care. It is an incredible data collection tool.

And enables far more efficient use of physician resources at these facilities and the integration of screening results into existing health care management systems.

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