Heart Health Journey Assistant

Автор: Plan Heal Smart Health Assessment, Inc.

Cardiovascular Disease patient care monitoring that’s scalable, real-time, predictive, and holistic.

Plan Heal’s Heart Health Journey Assistant scales remote patient care to empower the patient during their healthcare journey.

A low-cost and innovative way to implement access to care for all populations.

Stat: Heart failure (HF) is one of the commonest causes of hospitalization and accounts for more than $30 billion of the US health care expenditure annually.

Source: Mayo Clinic Proceedings- Readmissions in Heart Failure: It’s More Than Just the Medicine.

Patient and Care Provider Support that’s Smart and Holistic

Patients can enjoy the freedom of managing their Cardiovascular Disease remotely while becoming more health literate and empowered by understanding how to best care for themselves while on-therapy. Care providers enjoy having access to real-time analysis of patient reported data that integrates into existing EHR care workflows.

Powerful Generative AI Solution Increases Patient Safety and Care Provider Decision Support

With the Plan Heal Heart Health Journey Assistant, patients experience a health bot companion that personalizes the patient’s health monitoring to deliver care provider reports that are unique to the patient’s everyday life circumstances based on age, race, gender, and social determinants of health.

Stat: Nearly 1 in 4 heart failure (HF) patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge and approximately half are readmitted within 6 months. It has been suggested that about one quarter of HF readmissions may be preventable. Source: American Heart Association Journals.

Patient Reported Outcomes that are Science Backed

Bridge the healthcare gap and decrease healthcare costs by scaling access to health equity and quality health information for all with Generative AI technology that helps to decrease high rates of Cardiovascular Disease related incidences that go undetected.

Plan Heal’s Heart Health Journey Assistant elevates patient reported outcomes with science-backed on-demand technology that enables the patient to confidently track, monitor, and report their Cardiovascular health status in a scientific and data specific way that enables care teams to make the right decision at the right time.

Supports Patient, Care Provider, Payor, and Pharma Objectives to Increase Better Outcomes

Plan Heal’s Heart Health Journey Assistant supports post-diagnosis care for patients diagnosed with Cardiovascular Disease. Here’s how it works:

- Patients access the Plan Heal Heart Health Journey Assistant using any laptop, desktop, mobile or IoT device to report their health status more efficiently.

- Providers access real-time and ongoing patient health data that’s analyzed and viewable via existing EHR workflows for better decision support.

- Payors can access patient data insights to inform care management programs that increase patient health literacy for lower care costs.

- Pharma can use analyzed patient data to deliver more personalized programming to help patients better manage their healthcare journey.

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