RedFlag Mass Notification

Автор: Pocketstop, LLC

Allow employees to receive urgent, critical messages through Microsoft Teams

RedFlag Mass Notification integration with Teams allows you leverage an additional way to send urgent and critical alerts to your organization.

When a message is sent from the RedFlag mass notification system, Microsoft Team users will receive a desktop notification and mobile app alert of a chat message, ensuring the message is communicated immediately. Also receive real-time intelligence and feedback by utilizing polling and confirming your recipients have read the messages.

RedFlag is an easy-to-use, multi-channel emergency mass notification system that allows you to deliver real-time alerts and critical information to groups of any size. Our award-winning alert software can be used by small businesses up to enterprise corporations to send mass alerts, gain visibility into events happening in the field, efficiently coordinate resources, and to make smart, data-informed decisions –  starting at $.60/user per month. 

A RedFlag account is required to complete this integration. For questions or assistance to purchase a RedFlag account, please contact

RedFlag is a product of Pocketstop LLC.

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