Voting on Blockchain by Xooa

Xooa Inc.

Xooa's Voting Smart Contracts enable users to quickly create an election or referendum on blockchain

Xooa's Voting Smart Contracts allow non-blockchain developers to put distributed ledger technology to use for this popular use case. With these templates, organizations can quickly and easily deploy blockchain apps built on Hyperledger Fabric that provide the APIs to vote for a candidate or a given option for an election or referendum and collect votes on a private ledger with the provided widget or through an app created using the endpoints provided.


Xooa's Voting Smart Contracts run on top of consortiums hosted on the Azure Blockchain Service, adding features that make smart contract deployment easier and faster without requiring a deep understanding of blockchain or extensive DevOps efforts to create a robust build-test-deploy environment that runs entirely on the cloud or hybrid. This enables organizations to shorten time-to-app and quickly develop Proof of Concept prototypes that can serve as the basis for enterprise production deployment. For production-ready deployments, Xooa's middleware is already baked-in, shifting the concern of API endpoints, queueing, and scalable asynchronous processing from the developer to Xooa. This means higher voting capacity, better performance, and more reliability when Xooa operates on top of the Azure Blockchain Service.

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