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iSeller FnB

POS Description :

Specifically tailored for restaurant business, iSeller POS F&B edition offers a complete point-of-sale solution to run and grow your restaurant business which include flexible ordering workflow, table and billing management, kitchen management with external kitchen display support, scalable point of orders, and over 300+ features.

The iSeller's restaurant edition is designed to fit naturally to your business workflow, not otherwise. Streamline all processes from order taking, kitchen management and food processing to delivery in timely fashion.

  • Fire now or later. Choose which items that should be send immediately to kitchen. Servers can always fire items at any point later.

  • Send orders to kitchen or bartenders. Easily define which items should be sent to kitchen, bartenders, or any custom target based on category.

  • Quickly see open bills by simply swiping from the right edge of the screen anywhere in the app, then tap to view the bill.

  • Smart "Send or Pay" action. Say goodbye to sea of buttons. iSeller automatically determine contextual action based on the cart status.

More than just a typical point of sale, iSeller gives you ultimate flexibility and control over your tables and billing management specifically designed for your restaurants, from split and merge tables, to transfer items and more.

  • Easily split, change and merge multiple tables with iSeller's simple and intuitive interface.

  • Support split and merge bills with several flexible options, including split by percentage, pax and more.

  • Support transfer items to other table or bill.

  • Flexible check-in/out tables, support automatic or manual table checkout based on your restaurant preferences.

Key Features of iSeller:

  • Support specialized F&B product types, including unlimited product modifiers and product combo-set with a wide range of flexible options.

  • Gorgeous product list grouped with user-definable collections.

  • Automated system-wide promotions supporting comprehensive scenarios with multi-level, combinable and multiply-able promotions.

  • Customizable discounts at item/order level, taxes, rounding, and dynamic additional charges.

  • Accept card payment instantly with integrated card reader and capture digital signature.

  • Accept various payment types, including external debit/credit, gift cards, store credit, account balance, loyalty points, and your own custom payment types.

  • Track cash register activities with flexible register shift workflow supporting cash adjustments, register shift closing, and expected cash count.

  • Support multiple work shifts with automatic user clock-in/out.

  • Connect to major Bluetooth and Ethernet printers from Epson and Star.

  • Connect to iSeller Customer + Kitchen Display + POO through local Wifi.

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