Автор: QantEv

Smart claims platform for augmented insurance

QantEv has been ranked among the 40 most innovative startups in France in 2020.
Our AI driven solutions deliver business-critical insights to insurers' operation teams to help them deliver on their tasks faster and generate high level of savings.
Our state-of-the-art technology enables insurers to achieve cost savings while delivering an optimal quality of care for their members.
Our modular approach enables our clients to tackle different challenges that the in health insurance industry is facing nowadays such as better performance monitoring of their provider network through targeted negotiations, advanced quote analysis and orientation for claims management.
This incredible level of explainable insight and forecasting is delivered thanks to highly specialized data processing capabilities that:
  • Clean your data using automated sanity checks and AI driven inference models to fill missing value
  • Refine your data using powerful and highly specialized feature engineering capabilities
  • Enrich your data by introducing quality of service information and external information

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