Raffle Search and Chat


Search and Chat made human and simple

Raffle is an AI-powered search and chat engine that gives you top accuracy, validity and security when generating search results to instantly answer your customers’ and employees’ questions.

Benefits of Raffle include instant implementation, zero maintenance, no data tagging and mapping, and plug-and-play widgets (with an API for customizing solutions). With Raffle, you attain the power to comb through over 500,000 documents for swift, smooth, and secure knowledge retrieval in all languages (incl. translation on-the-fly).

Notably, our Knowledge Gap tool alerts you when content that users are requesting is missing, and also gives you the capability to generate real-time answers. Other insightful tools within Raffle Search and Chat include Behavior Analytics, Resolution Rates, Trending Topics, and Popular Pages.

Furthermore, Raffle’s plug-ins (or widgets) have predefined UI design, and are plug-and-play. As such, a Raffle plug-in can integrate with various tools and platforms: Umbraco, SharePoint, Confluence, Intercom, Zendesk, WordPress, etc. More information can be found here.

Book a demo of Raffle to see AI search and chat as never before in action now, and explore some of our customer success stories for social proof of the Raffle AI-dge.

More on Raffle…

No matter how massive or messy your company’s knowledge base is, Raffle AI can crawl and comprehend it intelligently (in the cloud) to retrieve useful information that matches the user’s search intent.

Based on deep learning algorithms and language models that excel at natural language processing and understanding (NLP & NLU), Raffle delivers a conversational AI chat experience where answers are not only accurate, but engaging like those from an attentive human. Such advanced AI provides untiring, 24/7 support for customers and employees alike, thus fostering an insightful self-service culture for better customer or employee experience.

For example, when customer support agents are not at work, Raffle AI answers questions on the website 24/7, resulting in fewer customer inquiries coming through and customer service can be more efficiently focused on serving customers who really need help with answers that are too complex to answer on the website. Customer satisfaction and service availability shall be yours—truly a case of killing two birds with one stone.

There are five major aspects of Raffle Search and Chat.

  • Data Accuracy: Give users the ability to self-find instant answers (that are actually relevant) from specified, official sources with little to no assistance

  • Data Insights: Monitor trending company data (e.g. popular company webpages) for actionable insights about content optimisation possibilities, such as knowledge gaps where no matching content exists yet for certain search terms by users

  • Data Control: Control the scope of searched data (e.g. limited to just your company’s website or intranet) for no-nonsense answers to serious questions

  • Data Security: Comply with leading data security standards such as SOC 2 Type II, EU GDPR, and HIPAA

  • Sustainability: Operate the AI search and chat with a minimal carbon footprint for a better Earth

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