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Configuration Driven Platform to Manage Data Assets on Cloud

A Cloud Data platform that facilitates modernization of enterprise Data Assets to maximize performance and reduce cost. CloudBlaze frameworks brings 4x performance improvement and more than 60% effort savings.

Why CloudBlaze

A self-service capacity solution which allows rapid configuration-driven data ingestion while delivering performance. CloudBlaze is an automated configuration driven data ingestion solution which acts as a data feeder for Azure Data Factory and seamlessly do data ingestion. CloudBlaze easily ingest structured, unstructured, internal, and external data from disparate sources at one secure place.

Connects and Automates Data Faster

Azure Data Factory to connect database Puts graphical interface for configuration management, prebuilt integration templates, and supports all connectors by ADF to connect databases, big data sources, on-premises, and cloud applications.

Accelerate Productivity with Configuration Driven Ingestion

Creates ADF pipeline and streamlines migration Uses configuration to create ADF pipeline, and streamlines migration across development, test, and production environments.

Speedy Deployment of Big Data and Real-time Analytics

Automated provisioning of Big data Automates provisioning of big data integration across on-premise to cloud platforms irrespective of the volume or velocity of data.

Empowering Real-time Analytics

Turning Big data into Real-time insights Data from powerful internet-scale apps, mobile devices, clickstreams, web logs and other sources can be easily integrated, cleansed, and prepared for analysis.

Who need CloudBlaze?

Organization which are facing challenge in terms of application deployment and infrastructure provisioning on cloud. Since data may come from varied sources and in various formats therefore deploying application and ingesting data from on premise to cloud is quiet a cumbersome process. This involved risks like:

  1. High Total Cost of Operations (TCO) of Existing Data Warehouse.
  2. Appliances failing with Velocity and Volume, which impacts the scalability.
  3. Decreasing Performance Benchmarks.
  4. Business outcomes not met.

CloudBlaze overcomes these risks and resulted in:

  1. Lower implementation cost and greater flexibility.
  2. Automated translation of queries & processes to target platform.
  3. Reduce time to market.
  4. maximize performance and reduce costs through automated optimization & migration to Azure Cloud platform.
  5. 4x performance improvement and more than 60% effort savings.

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