Retail Insight - AvailabilityInsight


Allows grocers to quantify the financial impact of low availability, providing direct actions to fix

AvailabilityInsight solution helps grocers to determine when, where, and why stock is unavailable. This enables you to make smarter decisions, minimize out of stocks, grow customer satisfaction, and boost sales. The solution complements existing ordering platforms and helps to direct store associates, in real-time, to the interventions that that drive tangible operational and financial value.

Ensuring that stock is on shelf and visible to customer in a sellable state is a key part of driving in-store excellence, so staff replenish stock throughout the day to drive maximum on-shelf availability. However, this is not always possible and often times on-shelf availability is low, such as; no product on shelf, hidden product or a missing ticket. Poor availability of stock on shelves accounts for c. 8% of lost sales in a typical grocer.

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