Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP)


Enterprise-grade low-code data and API Integration platform

RoboMQ accelerates digital transformation and helps businesses create competitive advantage by being able to create integrated business processes using best of the breed SaaS, cloud, on-premise applications and IoT devices. RoboMQ helps mid to large enterprise by empowering them to:
  1. Accelerate adoption of SaaS and cloud applications 
  2. Create compelling business advantages by building world class business processes
  3. Speed to market
  4. Information availability at the right place and right time
RoboMQ offers "Connect iPaaS" targeted at Line of Business (LoB) users or citizen integrators to create integration flows on a web based no-code, modern drag and drag UX. Citizen Integrators can create integration flows by responding to events or activities in one system and being able to take action in one or more systems. Example of such integration are marketing automaton, employee lifecycle management, ordering & fulfillment and incident management.

For enterprise IT and technology users, RoboMQ provides "Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP)" which is fully containerized microservices based service-mesh that allows large scale integration of Cloud, SaaS and on-premise applications in hybrid and federated setup. It allows complex event processing and enterprise application integration supporting complex, custom requirements that create unique competitive advantage for our customers.

Leveraged by large B2B enterprises, Hybrid Integration Platform provides pre-built connectors, business rules, mapping engine, transformation and guaranteed delivery capabilities to facilitate development of business workflows, API management and API integration.

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