Roots Automation SaaS offer

Автор: Roots Automation, Inc.

Cloud-based Digital Coworkers; over 99% accuracy, efficiency improvement of 400-800% and 250% ROI.

Description of the offer.

We build Digital Coworkers, which use Cognitive Process Automation and is provided as a service. Think of this as bots who have been pre-trained to complete a process end to end, much like a human colleague would. They have Machine Learning capabilities allowing them to learn from their work, identify patterns and anticipate next steps.

They have Natural Language Processing, Visual Recognition and Optical Character Recognition which enables them to naturally communicate with their human teammates.

Our solution is based in the cloud which means no new technology to buy, learn or implement. We have little to no set up costs, our customers see an average of 250% ROI from their very first automation and a 400-800% improvement in business process efficiency.

This allows your valuable team to spend time on stimulating work they enjoy, rather than repetitive and mindless admin a robot could do. 

Type of user than benefits from the offer.

CFO, COO, CTO, CIO and members of their team at mid-market or early-enterprise Insurance, Financial Services or Healthcare companies. Their goals include continuing to grow business relationships by providing excellent customer service, grow the business without significant cost implications, keep all sensitive data secure and bring their business into the digital age.

Customer need or pain that the offer addresses.

The teams are likely to be overwhelmed with the volume of admin but unable to hire additional team members due to budget constraints; this could be in any of the following areas: Claims management, Patient Intake, subscriber registration, Tax returns, Expenses, Accounts Payable or Receivable.

Due to the high volume of work and not enough staff members to complete tasks, deadlines might be missed, customer standards could be slipping and inevitable human errors could be made.

Hiring a Digital Coworker to take on the role of Underwriting Assistants, Claims Associates and Finance Assistants can address all of these pain points by taking the laborious and high-volume work away from the human team. Digital Coworkers eliminate human error and complete their work with over 99% accuracy; all for a fraction of the cost of hiring new employees. 

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