SAS Flood Prediction and Preparedness

Автор: SAS Institute Inc.

SAS' software and consulting solution helps you predict, prepare, and respond to flooding incidents.

Predict, prepare for and respond to flooding incidents.

SAS’ solution, built on Microsoft Azure helps you predict, prepare for, and respond to flooding incidents.  We combine weather data, sensors that measure the height, depth and flow of water bodies, and advanced analytics to equip you with real-time situational awareness that helps you alert emergency services and improve citizen safety. ​

This solution helps public works managers with recurring flood issues predict and prepare for flooding events. Municipalities around the globe are at risk of flooding from natural (e.g. rain, snow, hurricanes, tidal surge) and unnatural (e.g. water main breaks, failing systems) events. These risks increase each year with population growth and urbanization. Unfortunately, customers often lack visibility into factors such as rising river levels or water speed and cannot prepare a response. This solution uses solar powered sensors to measure water height and depth, current flow, rainfall, and more in rivers, bays, tidal coasts, bridges, and other areas. This telemetry is uploaded using the secure, cost-effective, LoRA cellular protocol to Azure IoT Hub in the cloud. There, machine learning predicts possible flooding incidents and alerts teams in advance. A map view of bodies of water is also available with current and historical status, and any alerts. The combination of easy-to-deploy sensors and cloud-based predictions not only improve real-time visibility but also enhance emergency preparedness, quick response, and communication to reduce devastating damage to citizens and property.


Flood Prediction and Preparedness Outcomes:


Improve citizen safety and emergency response services with real-time visibility and flood predictions



Reduce the impact of flooding incidents on property and infrastructure by automating and streamlining response



Enhance emergency planning with improved situational awareness and historical insights

This offer includes software and consulting services.

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