SIMCENTER Prescan360

Автор: Siemens DI Software

Industry leading sensor simulation, by Siemens, unlocks insight at scale for Autonomous Driving

Value proposition: • Enabling Highly Automated Driving verification in a reasonable amount of time: with the Simcenter Prescan360 solution, Siemens is incrementally bringing the next generation simulation orchestration platform needed to technologically overcome the tremendous amount of test cases to be checked for next generation ADAS and autonomous vehicles systems verification. • Shorter time-to-market and lower development costs by frontloading much earlier realistic system simulation, assessing design or implementation choices and system integration without waiting for the real components physical testing and thus avoiding later costly rework. • Increasing development processes efficiency and robustness: Simcenter Prescan360, along with the Siemens ALM/PLM portfolio is incrementally connecting the requirements verification process to the simulation world, guaranteeing assets continuity, avoiding configuration mistakes, and tracing back requirements compliance from virtual testing outcomes. Business audience: Simcenter Prescan360 is designed for ADAS/AV CAE groups, involved in R&D, concept, or development projects. Targeted companies are major automotive/truck OEMs, integrated ADAS/AV systems suppliers and AV startups. Target industries: automotive industry, truck industry

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