Siemens Teamcenter

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Connect people and processes across functional silos, with a digital thread with Teamcenter

Teamcenter on Azure brings power of digitization that speeds up your business and its continuity. Siemens offers next generation digital technologies to be leveraged across all phases of product development, production, and delivery. . This is a key to successfully lower your Total Cost of Ownership, accelerate time to value and bring new innovations to the market. Teamcenter certification on Azure makes it easy for the customers to deploy the solution and get up and running on Azure. Teamcenter scales and performs well on Azure IaaS for at least up to 5000 concurrent Active Workspace users without visualization and up to 2000 concurrent Active Workspace users with server-side visualization in recent tests. Azure provides a range of virtual machines and resources to ensure Teamcenter continues to meet the most challenging customer needs with the ease and flexibility that Teamcenter provides.

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