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AI-driven Chat Processing for providing instant and accurate answers to customer inquiries.

Simplifai Chat Processing is a scalable solution with configurable APIs for integrations. The language engine is built on artificial intelligence. Available with multiple language support from English, Hindi, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Arabic, and more.

Using AI, the Chat Processing Solution businesses can read and interpret chat text, classify chats, extract relevant data and identify customer intentions. It can evaluate data and carry out relevant business actions, request missing information from customers, update information and archive chats in external systems.


Businesses can save time by automating replies to customer chat messages within seconds to answer their inquiries. Our Solution accurately understands customers' intentions and identifies keywords in customer conversations. Simplifai Chat Processing Solution is trained contextual understanding, which helps it stick to the conversation despite deviations. The solution is compliant with data security practices such as GDPR & ISO to protect customer data. Businesses can establish end-to-end automation by combining it with email & document processing modules with easy integration.

The solution fits any business that communicates with its customers via a web page or social media. It will give 24/7 availability to your customers, increasing customer satisfaction and at the same time reducing the workload on your customer service employees.

Chat Processing Solution is also a useful tool for internal communication in larger organizations, for example, to respond to routine requests to HR or Payroll departments. The solution consists of a web widget that installs on your web page and an administrator portal where you can train and manage your solution.

The Chat Processing Solution is a part of the larger Simplifai AI Automation Platform allowing companies to easily administrate a portfolio of automation solutions.

About Simplifai
Simplifai AS is a Norwegian ISV, headquartered in Oslo, Norway with subsidiaries in Ukraine, Netherlands, Sweden, and India. The company develops solutions to automate business processes with high volumes of natural language communication.

Simplifai's approach to automating business processes through off-the-shelf, easily configurable products reduce both risks and investments normally associated with AI driven automation projects.

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