S-Works | Workflow automation


The Best enterprise platform applied to registration, underwriting, and digital onboarding processes

Use artificial Intelligence, OCR, RPA for digital process automation. Expert in digital onboarding, registration, underwriting and claim process automation. Fast and secure mapping of operational flows, automatic execution of activities and process monitoring of your operation! ∴ Process mapping according to your business rules; ∴ Executable workflow; ∴ Control and traceability; ∴ Real-time monitoring; ∴ Create your anti-fraud rules, PLD (Money Laundering Prevention) and complex calculations; ∴ Library of methods, rules, and integrations via API; ∴ Multiple instances for corporate operations; ∴ Manual Intervention Tasks. Benefits: - Increased productivity - Operation scalability - Improved your customer experience - Operational efficiency Features: -Mapping of operational flows. Individuals and corporate. Considering that each institution has different rules for each operation, flows in S-Works are parameterizable according to your operational procedure! Transform your team’s manual activities into methods that are easily selected and configured. -Executable Workflow The solution intuitively builds up your operation flow. All business rules are entered into S-Works to be executed electronically. That’s it! Formalization activities will be in fact performed automatically! From simple activities, such as comparing information between documents, to building up a PLD (Money Laundering Prevention) calculator. -Manual Intervention – Semi-Automatic Activity We are aware that some activities require human intervention because they are too specific or to handle exceptions. In these cases, we work with an intuitive screen that will place the information (with data clipping) in the “in front of the goal area” for your analyst. -Dashboard and Capacity planning Monitoring all activities and proposals in real time! Track your operation, identify bottlenecks and have information on capacity: how many operators are needed to run my operation? -Activity Log and queries All performed external queries and activities (manual and automatic) are recorded in logs for auditing purposes. In queries such as the internal revenue service, we store the print of the exact moment when it was accessed. Applications: Financial market: - Opening digital account; opening of corporate and individual account, consigned payroll loan; credit card application; document risk analysis; credit; PLD (Money Laundering Prevention) and registration in general. - Healthcare: Tests authorization; patient registration; health insurance claims. - Insurance: Register for purchase of currency; subscriber’s and insurance broker register; claim request. - Other markets: Foreign exchange; digital certification; utilities (electric power, gas and water); universities; transport; credit union.
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