Get secure and easy collaborative access to all your documents with Kuro Document & Business Portal

KURO Document Portal and KURO Business Portal are two fully managed packages based on Office365 and services dedicated to provide users with all necessary tools to ensure collaboration while accessing and using working documents.
KURO Document Portal is providing web or application-based secured access to all company documents previously stored on old and costly on premises hardware systems, starting at Euro 9,99 per user per month.
KURO Business Portal provides a number of additional applications based on KURO Document Portal and dedicated to enhance the value of business documents for the company.

KURO Business Portal applications include:

  1. Business documents sharing with external clients
  2. Synchronization of ERP documents with KURO Document Portal
  3. Web ticketing portal
  4. Power BI integration between ERP data and documents and KURO Document Portal
  5. Other applications delivered every month to be used with full and secure integration with KURO Document Portal.
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