SkyPoint Market Intelligence for Senior Living

Автор: SkyPoint Cloud, Inc.

Consolidate and enrich public data to proactively engage communities and compete with confidence.

SkyPoint Cloud’s market data intelligence captures public information about a particular senior living community or operator as well as reputation analytics and sentiment analysis to help REITs and operators proactively engage and compete with confidence. We provide this intelligence in the form of data that’s Consumable (out-of-the box analytics), Injectable (bring data into your warehouse and own), Up-to-date (frequent refresh options), and Transparent (enables true data Governance & source lineage).

Market Intelligence for Senior Living Leaders:

Market Intelligence For Operators, REITs, and Investors

SkyPoint’s Data Intelligence provides valuable insights into the perceptions and attitudes of residents, staff and families towards the senior living communities and overall industry trends. Sentiment analysis can be used to monitor social media, news articles and customer reviews to gauge the overall sentiment towards the senior living communities.

This can provide early warning signals of potential issues with a community and identify areas of concern that investors should be aware of. Also, it can be used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and track the reputation of a community over time.

Overall, sentiment analysis can provide investors with valuable insights into the senior living industry, allowing them to make more informed decisions about where to invest and helping them identify potential opportunities and risks.

Operators can leverage Data Intelligence to track and measure the attitudes, opinions, and emotions of staff members within the organization, by location, or by operator to identify potential issues with staff/resident satisfaction and retention.

How Market Intelligence Works:

  1. Extract data from hundreds of publicly available data sources from up to 35,000 communities and 9,000 operators.
  2. Land the data into a date warehouse so you own, and govern the data for your benchmarking or analytical needs.
  3. Enrich your data and community listings with SkyPoint senior living reference data.
  4. Visualize and analyze public trends and sentiment of your communities using data visualization tools like Power BI.
  5. Proactively identify under performers, improve ratings, and engage with staff.

Market Intelligence Benefits:

  • Staff Retention: Track and measure the attitudes, opinions, and emotions of staff members to identify potential issues with staff satisfaction and retention.
  • Resident Satisfaction: Gain insights into the attitudes, opinions, and emotions of residents, their families, and staff to pinpoint areas of improvements, such as services and amenities.
  • Reputation Management: Monitor social media and online reviews, providing insight into how the organization is perceived by the public and allowing for proactive reputation management.
  • Industry Trends: Identify trends and patterns in the senior living industry as a whole, by analyzing conversations about the industry, competitors, dynamics and overall market sentiment.
  • Benchmarking: Cross compare total satisfaction rates across multiple locations, or top competitors to identify properties in need of additional attention or mitigate potential management issues.

With SkyPoint Cloud, senior living operators and REITs can confidently harness market data to proactively engage and compete with confidence.

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