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Smart Healthcare Analytics

SNP Technologies

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Transforming Financial and Clinical Outcomes with Predictive Analytics

It is not a lack of data that makes it so challenging for Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) and Affordable Care Organizations (ACO) to uncover cost-saving opportunities and improve patient care. In most cases, it is the lack of organization and visibility of data trapped in a myriad of silos from disparate software applications and systems that is the real culprit.

SNP’s Smart Healthcare Analytics model, built on the Microsoft Cloud and Advanced Analytics Services, helps CINs and ACOs aggregate their Claims and transform it into actionable and effective results. With access to the right data at the right time and the ability to compare past and present data sets and trends, CINs and ACOs can more quickly and accurately predict and positively influence patient, staff, financial and clinical outcomes.

SNP’s Predictive Analytics Model Enables Smarter Decision-Making for CINs & ACOs:

  • Supports core care management activities like care planning, care coordination, medication management, patient assessments and improved quality measures.
  • Provides performance monitoring, including regular feedback and specific actions to improve care.
  • Tracks and reports on the total population with individual patient, physician and organizational performance.
  • Presents the provider with evidence-based, cost-effective interventions to guide care plan optimization.
  • Provides insights on how to improve financial and clinical outcomes.
  • Addresses specific subject areas for improvement by sharing knowledge with physician practices and other key stakeholders.

An Agile Model, Easily Adaptable Across Healthcare Segments

SNP’s Healthcare Analytics Model is designed with reusable components to make the solution agile and rapidly deployable to a range of environments and business needs, leveraging the following data points:

  1. Leakage
  2. Predictive and prescriptive modelling
  3. Medical utilization
  4. Attribution
  5. Score card and quality measures
  6. Pharmacy utilization
  7. Patient care gaps and wellness visits.

Specific, Real-World Examples:

  • Leakage analysis provides valuable insights to CINs, such as gaps in services, ways to improve care coordination, and operational cost-saving insights.
  • CPT (current procedural terminology) code analysis helps healthcare organizations better understand operational costs and patient outcomes, so they can determine more efficient and effective alternatives.

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