External User Manager

Автор: Solutions2Share GmbH

Manage External Users and Guests in Microsoft Teams

Maintain control over your data by easily managing external users in Microsoft Teams®! Receive reports, monitor external user behavior, and manage external access with External User Manager.

Approval Workflow
Stay in control with the integrated approval workflow: enable your users to create access requests for guest users to Microsoft Teams® and Microsoft 365® groups in one simple process.

Onboarding & Compliance Portal for Guest Users
The onboarding and compliance portal helps you improve adoption governance and include external users in a legally safe way.
Each guest user is required to go through an onboarding portal before receiving access to your environment. Ask for additional information as metadata, upload information (PDF documents, HTML pages, video links) and let the new guest sign documents like non-disclosure agreements, data protection guidelines or administrative regulations. Download these signed documents at any time for verification.

Access Control
Keep the overview with the external user access history. Prevent sprawl in your system by restricting access time and controlling activity levels.

Lifecycle Management
Remove guest users automatically from the system based on predefined rules.

Display active external users and stay in control of your environment. Delegate responsibility directly to your Team owners and control access in the background with detailed reports.

Get started right away
You do not need to handle any installation process. Simply add External User Manager via the Microsoft Teams® app store and get started in just one minute!

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