strongDM Server Access Management


The most convenient way to manage staff’s server access. Enforce least privilege & log every command

The strongDM access proxy simplifies the work to manage server access and audit ssh & RDP commands. strongDM extends your SSO to manage Linux & Windows server permissions so you spend less time onboarding and offboarding staff. Easily adopt security best practices like role-based access control with least privilege and MFA. Speed up audits and incident response with logs of every ssh & RDP command for Linux and Windows servers. Easily export strongDM’s logs to your preferred SIEM. strongDM supports your stack with comprehensive integrations: Linux & Windows servers Every identity provider (SSO, AD, LDAP) Every log aggregator & SIEM Staff prefer strongDM as well. Instead of waiting for someone to provision keys, staff can automatically request and receive temporary access using strongDM’s chatbot. That means fewer delays for on-call teams.
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