SymphonyAI NetReveal – Customer Due Diligence

Автор: SymphonyAI

Holistic risk insights, dynamic risk assessment

The NetReveal CDD/KYC solution consolidates and verifies customer, prospect and connected party information from disparate systems to provide dynamic, real time risk assessment at onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle. Risk assessment is efficient, comprehensive and aligned to evolving domestic and global CDD and KYC regulations.

Our NetReveal® Customer Due Diligence (CDD) addresses:

· Constantly shifting picture of risk: Increased alert volume together with the need for a continuously updated and complete picture of customer risk takes up a lot of time and resource. It also leaves the opportunity for error wide open.

· Operational inefficiency/excessive onboarding time costs regulated organisations customers: CDD analysts need to onboard customers in near real-time as lag time negatively impacts the customer experience, adds to customer friction and can allow competitor banks to steal potential customers. To compete, FIs need to on-board good customers fast while at the same time accessing and analyse the right data in real time.

· Regulatory pressure: CDD analysts must continuously risk assess new and existing customers as part of their on-going Due Diligence in the face of changing regulations – especially for the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) requirements. However, identifying and capturing data is challenging with analysts typically seeking relevant information from between 3 and 7 external resources.

· Escalating cost of compliance: CAMLOs must justify their CDD/KYC budget annually. With increasing customers in their institution, they are forced to work growing volumes of alerts without the benefit of hiring more analysts.

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