SymphonyAI NetReveal – Name Screening

Автор: SymphonyAI

Smart, streamlined customer screening

The NetReveal Sanctions, PEP and Negative News Screening solution identifies sanctioned entities, PEPs and high-risk individuals on watch lists and allows FI’s to rapidly screen, detect and track beneficial owners and their linkages in real-time – all while delivering accurate and productive alerts.


Our NetReveal® Sanctions, PEP and Negative News Screening addresses: 

  • Excessive false positives lead to wasted time and resources: Increased alert volumes place additional pressure on sanctions managers and increase their responsibility and personal liability for sanction breaches. 

  • Regulatory pressure & complexity: New sanctions lists are released by various governments agencies on a daily basis and as such the entities on these lists change just as rapidly. 25,000 entities (Sanctions + PEP) are added to the WorldCheck list every month. FIs must ensure they are screening people and companies against the most up to date lists at all times.

  • Escalating cost of compliance: Managers and investigators are facing a steep increase in sanction designations resulting in more sanctions being issued by governments and with greater frequency. With FIs desire to increase their customer base, they must balance their adherence to these sanction designations against their internal resources.

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