SymphonyAI Sensa – SensaAML (AI-based Anti-Money Laundering)

Автор: SymphonyAI

Exposing financial crime. Holistic visibility of money laundering and crime.

The SensaAML solution provides unparalleled predictive insight into criminal behaviors that put financial firms most at risk.

SensaAML uses groundbreaking technology to combat financial crime by analyzing, discovering and interpreting financial data's shape and structure to identify criminal behaviors and laundering networks. Using a dynamic combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning, SensaAML allows firms to definitively pinpoint risk, drastically reduce the time to identify genuine anomalies and to achieve operational effectiveness. SensaAML’s solution discovers more than double the information typically leveraged by other AML systems, leading to a greater discovery of illegal behavior and unknown criminal threats. This new application architecture can ingest billions of customer data points and applies an advanced AI to explore the hidden relationships and patterns within the data, thus highlighting criminals' suspicious behavior.

SensaAML’s approach targets the following:

Anomaly Detection: Unsupervised learning that targets customers displaying unusual activity. More than 500 behavioral features are used to determine groupings of customers who share similar behavioral, transactional and other characteristics. Sensa offers anomaly detection powered by a fully explainable, unsupervised machine-learning model that targets customers displaying unusual activity. Entities are scored with respect to other entities within their specific behavioral group, and anomalous behavior can be used to identify previously uncovered risk. Using a broad set of approaches including network analysis, SensaAML finds anomalous and hidden behavior in a highly sophisticated yet explainable way.

Change in Behavior: Allows institutions to understand the underlying patterns of all customers and be alerted when material changes in activity occur.

L3/SAR Similarity: SensaAML’s supervised learning focuses on the similarity of behavior to historical L3/SAR investigations.

Tune and Prioritize: SensaAML comes with several out-of-the-box detection models combined to provide enhanced coverage against known and unknown risks. The end result delivers a virtual, risk-based view of a customer, represented in a simple-to-understand and easy-to-use business user environment.

Sensa Copilot is a cutting-edge platform powered by Azure OpenAI and enterprise-wide solution for all investigative needs improving productivity by 70% or more

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