Proceedix – Workflow Management for the Connected Worker

Автор: SymphonyAI Industrial

Manage enterprise workflows to improve process efficiency and quality

SymphonyAI Industrial channels the power of rapidly evolving IIOT, Artificial Intelligence, and big data technologies to deliver industrial insight that provides exponential value to our customers.

Proceedix leverages cloud computing, mobile, and wearable technology to offer state-of-the-art human-driven procedure, instruction, and inspection support in a “no code” environment. As a result, companies eliminate paper, improve product and process quality, reduce labor hours required to perform operational and training tasks, and increase transparency while assuring 100% compliance.

SymphonyAI Industrial solutions serve a broad range of industries from process to discrete to naval and marine.

The Proceedix workflow editor makes it easy to create instructions and inspections tailored to manufacturing processes. Skill-based instructions provide on-the-job training for shop floor workers, giving necessary information to execute tasks right the first time. Automated escalations can instantly resolve red-flag issues.

Proceedix provides:

· Scheduling - Schedule the right task to the right person at the right time

· Role-based Access - Manage users, teams, domains, roles, and permissions for work instructions and execution

· Execution Tracking - Monitor all planned, on-hold, cancelled and finished executions

· Always Up-to-date - Access to the latest version of the inspection and instruction at every location

· Global Workflow - Share procedures over multiple production lines or departments, while keeping a global overview

· Action Tracking - View of open tasks and assignment of inspections to specific users or entire team

· Digital Sign-off - Inspections may be digitally signed by operators and team leaders

· Integration - Integration with mail (Outlook, Gmail, etc.), storage (Sharepoint, OneDrive, etc.), ERP systems (SAP, etc.), Office365 (Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote), and others (Azure Microservices, LogicApps, SQL databases, DocuSign, etc.)

· Data Insights and Analytics - Analyze based on reporting and BI Dashboards (including Power BI) to improve data-driven decision making

· Version Management - Tracking of previous versions of work instructions and inspections

· Device Agnostic - Runs on multiple operating systems (Android, iOS, and Windows) and devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses)

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