SyReview™ for Medical Record Reviews

Автор: SyTrue

SyReview™ for Medical Record Reviews

Retrieve. Abstract. Evaluate.

Medicare Advantage relies on an accurate and stable risk adjustment that ensures plans are able to provide high-value care to all beneficiaries, including those with complex health needs. To identify these patient types, high-valued healthcare experts are leveraged to read, abstract and evaluate patients based on what’s in various medical records for Medicare Risk Adjustment (MRA) and Star rating. Similarly, Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) requires data from medical records to support reporting metrics for health plans.

No more searching for the needle in the haystack! Quickly identify key components within medical records in seconds rather than hours or even days…

SyReview™ reads through medical records abstracting relevant patient information for MRA and HEDIS® reviews, identifying key elements within medical records that support the quality of care provided by providers and hospitals. Within seconds, Reviewers can view pertinent findings within medical records through SyReview’s modernized workflow reducing time, effort and frustration within a single view.

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