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Sales Force Automation and CRM

Sales Force Automation and CRM for Sales (Pre-sales, Van-Sales And distribution) , Field Services, and Point of sale Management.

Available languages (Multi-language), English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese...

value proposition.

Telynet is a software for the management, control and increase of sales that equips field staff with software in smart mobile devices and an advanced sales server through which it is possible to monitor and improve the efficiency of the sales of the company with 360 degree visibility.

From the start, Telynet has specialized in creating and implementing software products for businesses, in the field of:

Mobile solutions
ACID (Advanced Comercial Information Server) and
CRM (customer relationship management )
With Machine Learning and Bot with cognitive Technology

Over the years, Telynet has developed considerable Know–how as a result of numerous projects and products which have been successfully developed, in various countries (Emea, Latam and Apac)

business audience, target industry

Food and Beverage Industry,
Pharmaceutical Laboratories and
General Consumer Goods
Field Services Companies

that employ mobile devices user networks, sales teams, sales reps, maintenance technicians, etc.

The extensive experience obtained, and knowledge provided by our clients, together with the continuous research into improving our service, has enabled Telynet to become a Leader in its Field, with over 300 clients in different countries and more than 35.000 mobile users using our solutions. Amongst our clients, the most significant are those in:

Ee have developed a series of business focused products, using the latest technology software, for working in the office, and being connected in the field in online and oflline mode.

These are web based and native mobile products, for professionals who work from the office and mobiles for those that travel Telynet offers its multi-platform mobile solutions, on Microsoft (Windows), Google (Android) and Apple (IOS) operative systems, on mobile phones, hand-held terminals, tablets, and PC .The products, are tailored to meet our customers business needs, they can be purchased and installed on premise in our customer offices or acquired in SAAS in the Telynet Datacenter in USA and EUROPE or in Microsoft Azure without any installation.

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