Tesser Insights Analytics Platform

Автор: Tesser Insights Inc

Tesser Insights is a ready-to-deploy modern analytics platform delivered using Microsoft Azure​

A modern analytics ecosystem for your business

Tesser Insights aims to provide a one-stop solution for every analytics need. With automated insights discovery, a robust data preparation capability and a state-of-the-art visualization provision, our modern analytics ecosystem spans the entire data lifecycle.

Just bring your data!

Tesser Insights' platform, TI Pro, benefits users across the analytics lifecycle. TI Pro plays a crucial role for key users in analytics, such as Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Business Analysts.

TI Pro is built to optimize and simplify your analytics journey.

Visualize, integrate, and play – all in one place, with no code!

TI Pro for data engineers: TI Pro's no-code integration and cluster detection supports faster data model building on a scalable infrastructure for data engineers. TI Pro supports integration, consolidation and cleansing operations to enhance the accessibility of the data for the entire analytics ecosystem. TI Pro's type-cased cleaning functions and reusable cleaning routines reduce turnaround time and eliminate redundancies.

TI Pro for data scientists: TI Pro provides data scientists with a single pane of glass to optimize data preparation. The platform's robust data preparation capability enables data scientists to collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information. The platform allows a quick and easy search of your data catalog with keywords and tags. Data scientists are empowered with automated data profiling, outlier detection and graphical representations for effortless data comprehension.

TI Pro for business analysts: TI Pro provides business analysts with an environment to easily build and transform custom datasets with a private sandbox. The platform comes with out-of-the-box solutions for data cleansing. With TI Pro, business analysts can easily build and detect relationships to create custom data clusters. TI Pro also enables swift insight development with constantly evolving platform capabilities.

Experiment, solve, and share – on a single pane of glass

- Experiment in your own sandbox; bring your own data and combine it with enterprise data

- Solve use cases end-to-end; acquire auto-insights, in addition to building models to derive insights

- Share data for enterprise adoption with IT, other users, and other applications

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