ShareMedix - Medical data anonymization and secure sharing

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Automate the medical data anonymization process using AI and securely share medical data.

Medical data includes personally identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data, that are subject to various regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA.

Improper handling can lead to legal ramifications and significant fines.

Traditional methods such as manual anonymization of data are extremely time intensive and often too burdensome to conduct.

But we all know that sharing the right data can help saving lives.

ShareMedix enables medical professionals to anonymize and securely share medical data.

How does ShareMedix work?

ShareMedix is an online platform that allows users to easily de-identify (i.e., remove personally identifiable information) a wide range of data including medical images (DICOM), photos, videos, and text documents.

The users interact with the platform via an intuitive user interface, where they can drag & drop their data, or browse and select the chosen files or select the DICOM folders to be uploaded to the application. ShareMedix detects next automatically the data format and applies the right algorithms. When the process finishes, the users can revise their data or make any corrections if needed.

ShareMedix allows for easy and secure exchange of medical data, with partner outside of the platform, in 2 directions:

Transfers – allow the users to share the uploaded and anonymized data with other partners, for example patients, research institutes, public institutions or MedTech companies.

Requests – allow the users to send a request to external partners to upload the data via a dedicated Receiving endpoint.

Who can use it?

Doctors & Medical Offices

With ShareMedix you can quickly anonymise your medical data and share it with colleagues and patients.

• Have full control over your data
• Manage how long and with whom it is shared
• Free yourself from sending CDs and USB sticks

Hospitals & Medical Facilities, Data Protection Officers

Establish a consistent standard within all medical departments to share data securely and anonymously with external departments, colleagues and patients.

• Data leaves the hospital only anonymised and controlled.
• Conduct innovative projects, research grants and cooperate with other hospitals
• Hospital employees save a lot of time.
• The error rate decreases due to automatic anonymization.

Administrators & Assistants

Satisfy the data requests from patients and authorities such as:

• patient asking for monitoring videos (risk of compromising the privacy of other patients)
• police requesting access to surveillance cameras videos
• health authorities demanding the medical documentation.

Would you like to see the platform in action before buying?

Click below and request a free online demonstration of our platform and see for yourself how easy compliant data anonymization and sharing can be.

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